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When is the best time of year to have my event in Aspen, CO?

Whether it be clients or friends, I get asked this question a lot! Or versions of it, such as:

  • When is the best time of year to get married in Aspen?

  • What is the best month to take advantage of spring skiing/hiking/fishing/snowshoeing in Aspen?

  • When are all the celebrities in Aspen

  • When can I get the best hotel/flight rates when I go to Aspen?

Aspen is a seasonal town, and each season has its own personality, along with pros and cons for event planning. So what's the best option for YOU? (Note: this doesn't need to apply if you're having a birthday party and want to do the event on your birthday! We can make any date work.) The best place to start is to start by choosing an aesthetic for your event. Don't worry about the logistics at this point (e.g., how will I keep my guests warm? What about travel? Will it rain?). Just imagine the ultimate event and tell me: What season is it in? Do you envision a winter wonderland? Cowboy-chic summer vibes? Moody fall?

The one season I would say that is not ideal for an event is spring—approximately April 15 through June 15 or so. The reason for this is that A) it's the offseason, which doesn't bother me in the fall offseason because it's so scenic. But in the spring offseason, to be honest, it's not so pretty. And B) spring is veryyyy unpredictable weather-wise. Couples have had snow on Aspen Mountain during their June wedding (brrr!). Sometimes you get a perfect warm spring day in mid-April... sometimes people are still skiing Ajax in mid-April. It's all over the place. Plus, like any offseason, there are limitations in terms of restaurants and stores that are open. Read more about this in our blog "Should I have my event during offseason?" Now that we've narrowed it down to winter, summer, or fall, we can select the exact month based on additional factors, depending on what's most important to you. Examples include:

  • What will be the least expensive month for an event during this time of year?

  • When is it least likely to rain?

  • When will fall colors be at their peak?

  • I want to make sure I can have my welcome party or dinner party at Matsuhisa—when do they close for the offseason?

  • Etc!

Personally, my favorite months for events are December, March, July, September, and October. Here's why:

  • December is SUCH a busy and exciting time here, not to mention all the holiday decor. If you want your guests to experience Aspen at its most "Aspen"—like out of the movies—it's now. A gorgeous, glittering winter wonderland. Cons are that it's very expensive and not necessarily a sunny time of year like it is in March for spring skiing.

  • Speaking of which: I love March because of spring skiing—especially the last half and into early April. Nothing like skiing (and après-ing) in the sunshine. It's also a very busy time here, arguably the busiest with spring break, so you'll get that hustle-and-bustle vibe that comes along with the high seasons. You can also still get away with a beautiful winter-themed party with faux furs, warm ciders, and the like. Don't get me wrong—March is cold!

  • July tends to be the best time to have a summer celebration as it's least likely to rain. It's more dry than August and June. Nothing is guaranteed, but we've thrown some gorgeous July events where the weather really behaved.

  • September/early fall. I would say the peak colors don't come out until late September/the first week of October. But it's sunny, warm, beautiful, and still bustling. And you do start to see those leaves changing colors.

  • October—but early! As I was writing this, it was October 12 and snowing. Brr! That said, it was the most beautiful moody snow, which would make for absolutely gorgeous photos. But if the weather doesn't cooperate it could be cold, rainy, slushy... plus restaurants are closing for the offseason.

We'd love to help you with your upcoming party, celebration, wedding, or birthday in Aspen! Please feel free to reach out to learn more about working with Sarah Rose Events, one of the best event planners in town.


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