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Unique Entertainment Ideas to Elevate Your Next Event

There are many facets that take an event from "good" to "great." One way to really leave an impression on guests is entertainment. Our first thought is—of course—music. It's essential for any successful party, and you can go with a DJ, a band, or both. However, there are other types of entertainers that can be a huge hit at your event—and we at Sarah Rose Events can help you secure them for your next event in Aspen!

Recently, we put on an event for both children and adults. To keep the kids entertained, we hired a magician. He was wonderful and the children loved him, but one thing we didn't expect was that he would be the highlight of the event for THE ADULTS! He had a separate act for them, and they absolutely loved it. It definitely took the event to a whole other level.

Other unique ideas for entertainment at events include:

  • Wine, sake, tequila, whiskey, or beer tastings

  • Tarot readers/palm readers

  • Real-time guest illustrations

  • Live art presentation

  • Custom hat-making stand

  • Mixology lessons

  • Photobooth

  • Strolling tables

  • Lawn games

We recently came across a vendor called "Aspen Beer Burro." These adorable bartenders deliver beers and drinks with a wow factor. Too cute!

One thing that could REALLY take your event to the next level—budget permitting—would be to have a surprise celebrity music performance. This is a big hit, and it happens more than you'd expect in Aspen. The surprise element makes it extra exciting and memorable for guests.

Looking for a party planner in Aspen to help you bring your next big event to life? Look no further than Sarah Rose Events! We'd be delighted to help you curate the perfect event, celebration, party, birthday bash, bar/bat mitzvah, engagement party, or more. We can't wait to hear from you!


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