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Transforming Your Home Into a Perfect Aspen Party

There are pros and cons to having a party, event, or celebration in your Aspen home. When done properly, we love how unique and intimate the experience can be.

Below are two fabulous examples of home spaces we transformed for client celebrations.

Example 1: Turning a garage into a beautiful golden dining room

For this client, we turned their garage into this gorgeous space for a seated dinner. This involved draping the entire space in gold; hanging twinkle lights; installing a disco ball on the ceiling; putting together a sound system and lighting; renting tables, chairs, and linens; and adding finishing touches like custom menus, folded napkins, and beautiful bouquets.

Example 2: Transforming a patio into a dance club

For this birthday party, we installed a tent on their patio to use as an after-party/dance party space. Once the tent was up, we paneled the walls with black velvet; had black carpet installed on the floor; set up lighting and sound; had heat and a generator set up; created a faux ceiling and covered it in balloons; and brought in rentals for the DJ, bar, and lounge area.

I joke that when you sign up for an event at home, you essentially have a few days of "home invasion." You'll need to have furniture moved out and stored, and MANY people will be walking in and out before, during, and after your party. So even though the finished product is *chefs kiss*... the journey to get there can be stressful. Just something to keep in mind!

Of course, if you don't want to plan an event at your Aspen residence, there are plenty of wonderful venues to choose from, and we'd be more than happy to assist! We love spaces that capture the uniqueness of Aspen—like ranches, hotels with history, spaces with mountain or river views, and more.

Looking for a party planner in Aspen? Sarah Rose Events is one of the top event planners in Aspen! Reach out to us at We'd love to help you create an incredible celebration.


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