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Tips for Your New Year's Eve Event in Aspen

Thanksgiving is over and now we're full steam ahead into the holiday season. That means holiday parties, New Year's Eve celebrations, and lots of festive gatherings to be had.

If you're throwing an NYE party of any size in Aspen, Colorado, we recommend the following tips and tricks!

  1. Start early. This is a party town. People love to celebrate here and that means that the demand for a top event planner in Aspen and the best vendors is high while the supply is low. How early should you start? We recommend having your venue booked by July—yes, July. And all key vendors should be locked in by early fall.

  2. Prices will be higher than usual. Aspen is known to be an expensive town, and NYE is no exception. In fact, plan to spend much more than you usually would on hotels, travel, and vendor costs. Everyone charges a holiday rate, so plan accordingly.

  3. Prebook transportation. Catching a cab on NYE anywhere is a challenge, and Aspen isn't exactly known for its Ubers or Lyfts. If you can, we recommend pre-booking transportation for you and your guests for the night. One vendor we love for this is CTS Aspen Colorado Limo Service:

  4. Order the "fun stuff" on Etsy and Amazon. There are so many amazing small creators on these platforms that offer cost-efficient resources for party swag. Think cocktail napkins, balloons, top hats, tiaras, NYE-themed glasses, stirrers, and more. Going back to our first tip, be sure to order all this early because they can sell out as the days creep closer to NYE.

  5. Consider the clean up. NYE is known for memorable parties, from champagne toasts to a kiss at midnight! If you have confetti, lots of eating and drinking, and a lively dance party—that means the next day there will be lots of cleanup. Make sure your party planner in Aspen is prepared for this so you're not stuck with a hefty cleaning fee. One option is to hire cleaners to come first thing on January 1st. Do know, however, that there will be an extra holiday charge.

We're thrilled that you found your way to our website to learn more about Sarah Rose Events in Aspen. We would absolutely love to assist you as a local Aspen party planner that you can rely on to curate a wonderful and memorable celebration. Please don't hesitate to reach out to learn more about our offerings. We look forward to hearing from you!


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