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Full-Service Event Planning

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Step 1: Establishing a vision

As we begin working together, we first discuss your vision for the event. We uncover your "must haves" in terms of vendors, aesthetic, and overall goals. Is it just one event or will you be doing a welcome party, a farewell brunch, gift bags, daytime activities, and more? Do we have a budget for any surprises like celebrity performers or fireworks? We love being creative and dreaming up the entire experience during this phase. 

Step 2: Locking in the "when" and "where"

To start, the most important questions are: When and where will your event take place? In Aspen, things book up quickly so if you have flexibility, it will help us lock in all the best partners for your celebration.


We start by reaching out to venues for quotes and availability. Being in Aspen, there are additional unique factors to be mindful of such as high season, low season, weather changes, a tendency for travel delays, and altitude concerns. In our small mountain town, timing is everything and there are truly no guarantees; it could (and does!) snow in June or September. 

Once we lock in the venue, the dates, and the "must-have" partners who will be critical to turning your vision into a reality, it's time to dive into the details! 


Step 3: Selecting vendors & all the little details

“There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details.”—Walt Disney  

Flowers, china, linens, décor, chefs, entertainment, photography, videography, hairstylists, makeup artists, cleaners, AV professionals... the list goes on and on! Some details are glamorous (musicians and floral centerpieces) and others are not (cleaners, trash/recycling, and backup generators). 

There are a TON of moving parts when producing an event, and the quality of your celebration will depend on your team. Being local to Aspen, we have our fingers on the pulse of the best local partners, from companies that have been in the valley for quite a while to new faces on the scene. 

We'll put together a list of needs for your event and start asking for quotes as well as availability. We'll then present options—as well as our opinions and recommendations—for your review or approval.

Additionally, in this phase of our event-planning journey together, we'll be working on paper design, welcome bags, and any other little touches you're interested in. Once this step is complete, it's time to take a breath and relax until the event is upon us.

Step 4: Setting up & "day-of" coordination

The big day has arrived! When you hire us as your full-service event partner, though, we've probably already been on-site setting things up for at least a day or two ahead of the actual celebration. It can take many hours—oftentimes many days—to turn a venue into a place worthy of your dream event. We'll be there overseeing everything, making sure it's all going to plan.

We're also on-site during the event itself, overseeing everything throughout the night. Timing is critical and we'll make sure your celebration is going according to plan. We will also act as a second set of hands for the vendors, so if they need anything at the last minute, we're available to assist. And of course, we're on-site for YOU to assist with any last-minute items that may come up.


Step 5: Breaking everything down

*Sigh* the event is over. But just because it's over for you doesn't mean that it's over for us yet. We still need to oversee the breakdown process: taking down all of the décor, cleaning the space, disposing of trash/recycling, ensuring that all of the rentals are returned and accounted for, and more. When you hire us as your full-service event planner, we really do manage everything for you!

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